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    The BEST Backgammon game
    for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Backgammon Extreme™ Features

Powerful !

  • Compete against our highly-intelligent, enhanced 3-level computer gameplay!
  • Choose between 3 dice types, including "True Random" and manual!
  • Take advantage of our unlimited Undo!
  • Select standard or reverse board and players layout!
  • Play single games or multi-point matches!
  • View Player scores and game statistics!

Beautiful !

  • Enjoy our superb graphics and sound!
  • Choose any of our multiple, professional board layouts!
  • Design your own custom board!
  • Use Touch or Drag movement!
  • See our realistic dice animation!
  • Set the volume of sound effects and background music!
  • Define your preferred animation speed!
  • Take advantage of our simple yet powerful control and navigation!
  • Read our full on-device Help!
  • Enjoy our optimized layout for small (iPhone / iPod touch) and large (iPad) screens!

Social !

  • Play against the powerful computer on your device!
  • Share your device to play with a friend!
  • Find a matching opponent through Game Center!
  • Invite your Game Center friends to play with you!
  • Play locally with a friend using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi!
  • Hold a voice chat with your Game Center Opponent!
  • Upload your scores to Game Center!
  • Play REALLY well and make it to the weekly and all-time Halls of Fame!
  • Share your experience on Facebook and Twitter!

Some features are available as Premium upgrades in the Free version of Backgammon Extreme™.

Feature Comparison


  • Computer Opponent
  • Human Opponent
  • Game Center Opponent
  • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Opponent
  • Highest Difficulty
  • Multi-Game Matches
  • Standard Random Dice
  • True Random Dice
  • Manual Dice
  • Doubling
  • Number of Undos
  • Ad free


  • -
  • Medium
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 1
  • -
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  • Hard
  • Unlimited
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